This is a brand new article group, consisting of articles with carefully selected properties and effects. The common deduction is that they all contain the large and beautiful effects that we remember from the world of rockets. Every shot is fired in a quiet pace, so you really can enjoy the effects. The rockets may be gone, but the effects live on. The construction is similar to that of an effectbattery, and consists of several launch tubes that are connected through a common fuse system. These articles are equipped with a double main fuse that secures the functionality. Different tube diameters, discharges and fuse lengths determines the pace and composition. The effects are dispersed in different pace and heights, and paints a beautiful picture on the sky.

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  • MEGABOMB X 279 399

    Large and far-reaching shells with silvertails resembling the original rockets. Each shell bursts into large, beautiful flowers in gold and silver!

  • BOMBARD 5.0 254 499

    Bigger and tougher than all predecessors!!! Nine massive shells fills the night sky with thundering booms and spectacular visual effects. Make room for the king!

  • BOMB FESTIVAL 265 899

    18 heavy shells bursting with an impressive display of sound and color! Max loaded shells with huge bursts and crisp colors.

  • EL TORO 291 1299

    This cake is both colourful and powerful. The power-shells are launched two and two, detonating in tandem for maximum presence. A real heavyweight!

  • TSAR BOMBA 233 1499

    50 megatons of explosive joy! 45 powerful shots in three different calibers, carefully composed with highly potent effects and traumatizing booms!

  • BIG BERTHA 292 1999

    24 gigantic shells of the legal maximum calibre for consumer fireworks. Higher – stronger – bigger. Shooting in a slow and steady tempo, this cake lets you enjoy every one of its assorted gargantuan effects.