This product group with its large variety of effects has the same basic structure as the single ignition effect battery. The difference is that the tubes are in angel to each other and that a V-Shaped battery can fire from 3 to 9 shoots simultaneously in a peacock shape. This type of battery normally have a shorter endurance than a single ignition effect battery, however it?s very impressive visually. NB! Fires shots in angle, must therefore not be fired in narrow streets etc.

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  • LION 259 599

    60 angled shots fanning across the sky. Stunningly beautiful, and certainly something completely different from what you are used to!

  • BROADWAY 289 649

    40 angled shots with silver tails lights up the sky in timed sequences. Each series fires five shots simultaneously. An impressive display!

  • SVEA TAKE-OFF 266 699

    Be the king for 25 seconds. Open your eyes and get ready for 80 cascades of gold that spurts into the sky in rapid machinegun pace. The most extreme battery on the market. A megahit with the enthusiasts!

  • SVEA FANTASY 304 1699

    A fantastic fireworks spectacle! Colorful bursts of fireworks wander back and forth across the sky, interrupted only by golden crowns that fill the entire field of view. The show just gets better and better and ends with a monumental finale!