Youth Packs

The heavy artillery is not for everyone, this is the alternative for those who prefer packages with lots of small but fun articles to the larger and more costly barrages. All packages contain assorted articles from several product groups.

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  • STREET BANG 901 179

    Collectors Set of 12 rare ground articles. This is great value for your money!

  • SVEA PARTY MIX (105 pack) 993 229

    An optimal mix of small pyrotechnic articles. A 3 pipe packed with 35 pcs. 526 Crackling Balls, 35 pcs. 529 Blink Bombes, and 35 pcs. 711 Street Sun. A total of 105 ignition points!!!

  • BIZZY BAG 967 299

    A powerful package with 15 assorted ground-to-air firework articles in a convenient box. Everything what the young enthusiasts wants. 49 points of ignition!

  • BIG BANG 908 499

    A bag filled to the brim, loaded with 31 treats for young enthusiasts. This dream package has a total of 113 points of ignition!