Party batteries

A party battery is a complete fireworks show. These batteries are generally composed of shots in different diameters, especially assembled to give large variations in both effect size and power. Just like a display show, just on a slightly smaller scale.

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  • LUCKY 280 799

    A genuinely exciting party-cake! A calm beginning soon gives way to quick bursts of flashing gold. Finishes with a grand and intense gold rush. Jackpot!

  • LUXURY 286 1199

    A «tour de force» of the most spectacular effects from the world of fireworks. Colours, glittering, silver and gold. Builds momentum with extravagant bursts and finishes with an opulent finale in gold and purple!

  • SLEDGEHAMMER 287 1299

    A real party-winner of a battery with superb effects in different sizes. The show increases in power and intensity before ending with a great finale! A spectacular delight in the sky! Best in test!

  • GOLDEN + EXPLOSION 360X 2799

    Give yourself something exclusive for the New Years celebration. Cascades of gold with crowns, kamuro, peons, chrysanthemum and gold rain. The second part has 40 exceptionally powerful golden shells, fired in a peacock formation. A real, luxurious crowd pleaser!

  • KNOCK OUT 258A 2799

    Become king of the neighbourhood with a massive Knock Out! 134 incredible shots with intense tempo and extraordinary effects.


    When the first battery is finished, you ignite the next and the sequence continues. Two batteries in one box = twice as much hullabaloo! 193 shots in three different diameters that increases in intensity! A well composed firework show!