Family packs

Our family packages are composed of different articles that together give the ultimate New Years celebration in different price categories. This is to the point a åwell mixedå bag of selected articles from several product groups.

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  • AVENGER 990 269

    Family package with an emphasis on far-reaching single shots and colourful fountains. Different articles fills the night with howls, bangs and bright colors. A total of 13 pieces of fireworks ready for ignition!

  • METRO 961 379

    8 specially selected ground-articles of high quality. A comprehensive package at a convenient price.

  • POWER BAG 921 549

    Fireworks bag with focus on things that go boom! The contents include 9 different airbombs in 3 different sizes, a gold cake in 22mm calibre and additionally a fountain and some smaller items that will help you get to midnight faster.

  • MONSTER BAG 920 649

    A bag of assorted fireworks from our Monster-family. Handy! Inside you will find a cake, a fountain, a number of different single shots and howlers, plus more. All in all a solid foundation for a successful celebration!

  • MASSIVE 998 649

    A rocketless quality package for everyone to enjoy. Varied contents with everything from ground crackers to effect full batteries that decorate the sky.

  • ELDORADO 2.0 974 799

    One of our classic assortments, with 10 carefully selected ground-articles of high quality. Highly varied contents!

  • TRITON 999 1199

    Handy bag containing ALL your fireworks needs. Assorted and varied high-qualiaty batteries, airbombs and fountains of the medium and large size.