Single Shots

The Single Shots shows the basic structure of a firework article very well. A single discharge is shot from a tube and explodes in the sky in the manor predetermined by the discharge. These articles are very popular among youth of all ages.

Please make sure that the Single Shots are firmly fastened to a launch pad or a pole prior to ignition. Never hold the article in your hand. Read the userguide, and abide the safetydistance.

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  • MONSTER AIRBOMB (3 pack) 514 29

    The young peoples dream! A single flashing shot with howling and a powerful bang! A shrieking comet with a bang or a shrieking comet with peons and crackling.

  • .35 MONSTER (3 pack) 546 149

    Double-effect single shots in size LARGE, 6 different combinations of floral effects and starbursts.

  • .50 SUPER MONSTER (6 pack) 568 599

    The largest allowable single shots in EE-XX-TT-RR-AA LARGE, with even higher howls, even louder bangs and even brighter flashes. Contains six different varieties. When only the best is good enough!