Single Ignition Displays

Although this product group has a great variation of effects it has the same basic structure as an Airbomb or a single shot. The differences are that the tube diameters vary from 8 – 50 mm, and that the tubes are connected to each other in sequel. Through a single ignition you get a very well composed display with huge effect variations for your money. Single ignition displays are available in a variety of combinations. Some discharges contain pure star effects while others contain a combination of stars, bangs and multiple colors.

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  • EXPLOSIVE 230-1 119

    The most powerful thunder battery allowed! 24 sharp bangs with read and green flashes. A timeless youth favourite.

  • GOLDEN GLORY 262-1 199

    A pure gold-cake with assorted golden crowns, brocades and stars. Finishes, of course, with a finale in glittering gold!

  • MAGIC MIX 262-2 199

    A surprising and colour-rich cake with assorted effects and cascades of blinking and and glittering silver sprinkles. Also, a dashing finale with blinking silver palms!

  • GOLDEN EAGLE 294 199

    Eighteen shots with majestic and colourful gold brocades. This particular effect is very photogenic, owing to its numerous golden branches with red, green or blue-coloured tips. A three shot finale marks the end of the show.

  • iCAKE 388 399

    Beautiful, sparkling, flashing and crackling effects in all colors. For the one with a passion for high quality fireworks and a magical New Years atmosphere.

  • TEASER 239 399

    A supershow for the kids, full of merriment! Less sharp bangs and more howling, sizzling and spinning. A perfect start to New Year’s Eve!

  • SLEIPNER 269 499

    A real spitfire packing half a kilo of gunpowder. Gold, silver, red and blue unite in a frenzied stampede across the sky. A safe bet for everyone who wants the absolute maximum numbers of bangs for their bucks!

  • FIFTY 231 549

    Every shot goes up with a crackling shock, followed by main effects with silver flashes and glittering gold palms with assorted colors. Intensive and extensive power!

  • COCKTAIL 376 649

    49 powerful shells with assorted effects in gold and blue. Lavish crowns, palms, chrysanthemums and peonies. A truly magnificent display!

  • LUCKY 280 799

    A genuinely exciting party-cake! A calm beginning soon gives way to quick bursts of flashing gold. Finishes with a grand and intense gold rush. Jackpot!

  • BANDIT 381 899

    This bandit makes to much noise to escape unnoticed. 103 explosive charges with noisy screams and colorful bangs! This battery is criminally good!

  • LUXURY 286 1199

    A «tour de force» of the most spectacular effects from the world of fireworks. Colours, glittering, silver and gold. Builds momentum with extravagant bursts and finishes with an opulent finale in gold and purple!

  • SLEDGEHAMMER 287 1299

    A real party-winner of a battery with superb effects in different sizes. The show increases in power and intensity before ending with a great finale! A spectacular delight in the sky! Best in test!

  • POLE POSITION 284 1399

    The elder statesman of our premium fireworks line, decorated with more Best-in-test badges than we care to remember! 88 shots in accurate sequences! The speed and the explosive force just have to be experienced.