Sales and purchase of fireworks

Here you’ll find the regulations for sales and purchase of fireworks concerning you as the consumer.

The regulations for the trade and use of fireworks are strict. If you’d like to use fireworks at any time except New Year Eve, you’ll first have to apply for a permit with the local fire department. If approved, you then have to show the retailer the permit before you can actually buy the fireworks.

Exempt from these rules are a few items such as sparklers, ice fountains, party-poppers and others. These all fall into the category 1 of fireworks, which means they can be traded and used freely all year around.

NB! Only a very few retailers carry a year-round trade permit, not to mention a stock of fireworks.

Professional fireworks, also known as category 4 fireworks, can only ever be sold directly from the importer to a certified category 4 pyrotechnician.

New Year Sales

In the period from 27th of December to New Year Eve you don’t need any special permit to purchase fireworks, but you can still only use the fireworks on New Year Eve itself!

Any retailer of fireworks however, will need a special trade permit. There is also a 18-year age limit both for the selling and buying of fireworks. Exempt are again category 1 fireworks, these items usually have a 12 or 16-year age limit, depending on the exact item.

County-specific regulations

Hordaland and Rogaland: In these two counties the sales of fireworks without a special permit is restricted to the last 2 business days of the year. This translates to the 30th and 31st of December, unless one of those happens to be a Sunday, in which case sales will be open also on the 29th.

Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder: The free sales of fireworks is restricted to the 29th, 30th and 31st of December.

Purchase and use – application form


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