svea hq

Here we are "the office rats" in newly renovated offices that are customized to our needs. The offices are divided in two, with a showroom/store in the outer part and partly shielded offices in the back.

Since the summer of 2010 we have been five full time employees in the administration.

Managing director

Background: Migrated Skåning (from South-Sweden) that previously worked for a Swedish trading firm in Norway. For several years he had a firework shop in his home town, in 1997 he brought the Svea concept over the border to Norway. In the company's two first years he had to combine the jobs as Sales manager, Stock worker and Managing director. However he realized fast that the business success would need more helping hands and heads fast. He kept the sales area in Eastern Norway until 1999, and thereafter focused full time on the role as administrative and economic manager. He is one of the contributors to lift Svea to what it is today. He is still responsible for design, catalogues, direct marketing, internet and other brand-building activities. After a while he has become more read-blue than yellow-blue in his heart, something that may explain why he is a VIF supporter.

Procurement and safety manager, responsible for ADR & HMS

Background: Migrated Bæring (from Bærum) with several years in the retail business and in the fruit department in Norway's best grocery store. He came to Svea after finishing his studies in Australia in 2003. Have been trusted with, and trained to, the responsibility as the company's security advisor and with the general security and safety in the company. In addition he also has responsibility for human recourses and necessary HMS protocols. He also has an important coordination role in the import link. Eager supporter of Stabæk Fotball, and as the name implies a coming hunter (jeger translates to hunter in Norwegian).

Sales and marketing assistant

Background: Migrated "Askerbøring" (from Asker) with a taste for pretty explosions and long decimals. From taking the tram past the Svea headquarters every day on the way to accounting school it was, literally, short work to deliver an internship application. With his luggage he brings with him experience from various institutes, both as student and employee. He has strong opinions about demographics and religion; as he chooses to put it: "Just like it should be for any young man living in Oslo, I have season tickets at Telenor Arena, with Stabæk Support specifically."

Sales manager chain stores, Oslo and Akershus

Background: Migrated Nittedøl (from Nittedal) with background form the container world, and sales to the contracting industry. He has been employed in Svea since 2006 when he took responsibility for the sales in Oslo and Akershus, which since 1999 had been served from one of our agents. He has a burning interest for windsurfing and a football heart that beats for LSK.

Office manager, orders- and billing manager

Background: Moved to Nittedal from Oslo to live with Arnold (our warehouse manager) and have been gradually introduced to the fireworks industry by selling fireworks during Christmas for several years, and by assisting in our warehouse in the high season. She comes from the mobile service industry, where she was Account Manager for many years, so customer service comes naturally to her. In her spare time she is busy with hunting and shooting, as well as competing in Olympic Trap, where she is Norwegian champion. When it comes to football she (too) is a supporter of VIF.

General opening hours

Monday – Friday 10.00 – 17.00

Saturday – Sunday Closed

Contact information

Fred Olsensgate 6 – Paleet Parkeringshus – approx. 100 meters from Oslo S – Entrance on the corner of Fred Olsens gate / Prinsens gate

Tlf. 22 82 33 33

Faks. 22 82 33 34