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Is there something you are wondering about with regards to fireworks or this website? On this page we list some of the most common questions and their answers.

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Is it possible to purchase fireworks the whole year?

All use of fireworks is prohibited the whole year, with the exception of New Years Eve. Therefore one has to apply to the local Fire department to obtain permission to fire and purchase in each and every case in the period outside the 27th to 31th of December.

Must I be 18 years of age to purchase fireworks?

For purchasing the greater part of fireworks you have to be 18 years of age. Smaller articles such as sparklers, Party Poppers and similar products have a 16 years age limit.

Why don’t you lower your prices further?

SVEA FIREWORKS is committed to negotiate down the prices from our subcontractors without lowering the quality of the products. Through being the largest Nordic supplier we have done this successfully. When purchasing from one of SVEA FIREWORKS deals you can be certain that you pay the right price!

Is it possible to purchase fireworks over the Internet?

No, it is not allowed to sell fireworks over the Internet. The law explicitly says that fireworks are only to be sold over the counter in the period from 27th to 30th of December.

Can I purchase posters and other profile articles from SVEA?

Yes! Please visit the SVEA SHOP site. There you can buy posters, cool school effects, clothes and much, much more!

Can I send fireworks by mail?

No, it is not permitted to send fireworks by mail. Fireworks are classified as explosive goods and are submitted to the regulations of Transport of Dangerous Goods. Regular post is not transported according to this regulation.

Can I take fireworks on an airplane?

No, it is strictly prohibited to bring fireworks on to an airplane.

Is it possible to purchase fireworks in another country and bring it to Norway?

No. As it is different regulations in different countries, it is not permitted to take fireworks between different countries unless there is a special permit from the DSB.

When is it permitted to sell fireworks?

The sale to consumers is allowed in the period from 27th to 31th of December. (In Rogaland and Hordaland there is an ongoing pilot project where the number of days is reduced to two days).

When is it allowed to use fireworks?

Most counties have in their police regulations a general prohibition on the use of fireworks, however there has been granted a dispensation on New Year’s Eve between 18.00 and 02.00.

Is it possible to apply for the use of fireworks in other periods?

One can apply to the fire department/police to use fireworks on other times of the year. Most municipalities have regulated the use of fireworks in their police regulation. Therefore one must apply to the local fire department/police to get permission to use fireworks.

Where is it permitted to use fireworks?

The DSB regulation forbids the use of fireworks in especially fire hazardous settlements etc. The remaining cases are governed by Municipality regulations that regulate where it is permitted. Use of fireworks in dense populated areas, in close proximity to dry forests or other fire hazardous surroundings is prohibited without the permission of the Chief of the fire department. Outside such areas it is sufficient to get an approval from the police.

How much fireworks can one shop store?

Sales units where there are no residents in the building can store up to 100 kg net gunpowder (NEI) in the store, and up to 100 kg NEI in a fire safe stockroom. The added sum of gunpowder in the store and stockroom may not exceed 100 kg NEI. If there are residents in the building, the maximum quantity is 10 kg NEI in the store and 25 kg NEI in the stockroom.  The weight of the gunpowder normally constitute between 10 and 25 present of the total weight of the fireworks. After applying to the municipality an additional 250 kg can be stored in a container outdoors.

Who can sell fireworks?

Everyone that wants to sell fireworks has to apply the municipality for permission. A general demand for obtaining permission is that one runs the commerce from a fixed address. The fire department can ban the sales if they through controls find breaches on the safety regulations. Often this is a temporary ban until the conditions are brought in order, however the ban can be made permanent in serious cases.

How many people are injured and get killed because of fireworks?

In average around 120 people are injured each year. in 2008 79 persons were injured, The big reduction is most likely due to the bann of rockets in 2008 and that people is more cautious when handling fireworks.

How many fires are caused by fireworks?

In 2008 there were 4 fires and 9 small fires, while there were 10 fires and 48 small fires in 2007. The big reduction is most likely due to the bann of rockets in 2008 and that people are more cautious when handling fireworks.

Is it dangerous to use fireworks?

The use of explosives will always involve a certain amount of risk. However the control with the products is extensive and thorough. Therefore the risks for injuries are slim if one is cautious and follows the user guide.

How can one find out that the products are approved?

All approved products shall be marked with a Norwegian number of approvals. Fireworks should only be purchased in shops that give a solid impression. It is a demand that all retail trade has to be from the company’s registered address. The trade must be over the counter. Self-service of fireworks is not allowed.