This year's safety campaign

Svea Fyrverkerier AS, in cooperation with the rest of the importers in Norsk Pyroteknisk bransjeråd, will also this year pass out up to 1.000.000 safety goggles throughout the country.

As a remedy in the battle to reduce the number of firework related injuries in relation to the New Years celebrations, and in this way secure the traditional celebrations future and the firework industry?s existence, Norsk Pyroteknisk bransjeråd will build on the positive experiences from 2006 an continue with an even larger national campaign.

In this campaign we will pass out one million (1.000.000) safety goggles to the country?s firework customers. In addition we will inform the consumers on the necessity of using safety goggles while firing fireworks through information leaflets and posters in the stores. Every paying customer will receive a pair of safety goggles free of charge when purchasing fireworks.

The customers are also given the opportunity to buy additional safety goggles to the rest of the family for only Kr. 10 each. We have goggles for both children and adults.

The Law of Safety Goggles

In 2011 Svea and Norsk Pyroteknisk bransjeråd have gone one step further with our campaign to keep focus on safety when using fireworks. The Law of Safety Goggles states that EVERYONE must wear safety goggles when celebrating New Years Eve. To help us enforce this law we have, in cooperation with primary schools all over Norway, invited the children to join the Safety Goggle Police. All children should know that EVERYONE must wear safety goggles when enjoying fireworks!

The safety campaign also includes two additional articles.


Windproof lighter with built in LED light. Can easliy be refilled.. - Price kr. 39,-

Ignition stick

To ensure a safer ignition of your fireworks. Effect time: 3 minutes. . - Price kr. 10,-

With this we hope for a safer New Year celebration, and reduced injury statistics.

Svea Fyrverkerier AS