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At the Svea Store Shop you can find our assortment displayed the whole year. You can also purchase fireworks the whole year under the following conditions*

  • In the period from 27th to 31th of December fireworks are sold normally in our store
  • To buy fireworks the remaining period one needs a permit to purchase.

See below for more information.

Outside the sales period from 27th to 31th of December we only stock a limited assortment in our office stock. For specific items some delivery time must be granted.

NOTE! There is an 18 years age limit to purchase and handle fireworks.

Svea Fireworks Store

Fred Olsensgate 6 - Paleet Parkeringshus - approx. 100 meters from Oslo S - Entrance on the corner of Fred Olsens gate / Prinsens gate

Ph. 22 82 33 33

Fax. 22 82 33 34



General opening hours

Monday - Friday 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday - Sunday Closed

Opening hours from 27th to 31th of December

27th - 30th of December 09.00 - 21.00
31th of December, New Years Eve 09.00 - 18.00


Except in the normal sales period from 27th to 31th of December. Then you may purchase fireworks without prior application to purchase and fire fireworks.

Planning is important

If one wants to include fireworks in the celebration it is important to plan ahead. One must find the location, not just with municipality bud the exact address for the launch. Then one must write an application to the municipalities fire department. The necessary details regarding the launch must be included. We have the relevant application forms!

One must think

It is important to think through the whole scenario in advance, both regarding what kind of weather to expect, how many guests or spectators that will be present and what kind of fireworks one wants the guests to experience. The more spectators, the more different opinions one have to please. We can give you tips on what works best!

One must apply

The reason why one must send an application is that the fire department must be able to give notice to the Police, county police or other departments that may be asked to turn out. The reason these need to know what is going to happen is that they must be prepared if someone reports loud bangs and flashes. Perhaps the caller isn't close enough to see that it's fireworks. On a distance it's possible to mistake fireworks for something else!

One must wait

The applications procedure time may vary from place to place, and can be everything from a day to a week. This depends on where one wants to launch the fireworks. If it is a small place it may even be enough with a phone call, but if it is in a major city such as Oslo the application time can be as long as a week. But in any circumstances it is recommendable to be as early as possible with the application. We can give you good advice!

...before you can purchase

If the application goes through, as it normally does, you may come to us to purchase fireworks. We will even give you the opportunity to see the effects in our assortment one by one from our fireworks DVD, this so there is no doubt about the quality of the product. We provide the best results!

You know what you get at Svea Super Store