Safety advice from DSB

Safety first

Sparklers are an important part of the New Year celebrations, especially for the children. In the last years some children has got minor fire injuries and eye injuries from sparklers. The Direktoratet for samfunnsikkerhet og beredskap (DSB) reminds us all that there is a 12 years age limit for the use of sparklers and that children shall not use them without the parent’s supervision.

Hot Sparklers

We will encourage parents to be extra precautious if they let their children use sparklers, says head of department Siri Hagehaugen in Direktoratet for sammfunnsikkerhet og beredskap (DSB). There is a 12 year minimum age for sparklers up to 60 cm. Children shall therefore not use sparklers alone, but have an adult in close proximity who watches.

1000 degrees Celsius

The core in a burning sparkler is between 500 and 1000 degrees. That’s hotter than a normal bonfire. Therefore one can get quite nasty fire injuries if one touches the sparkler when it burns. The sparks is quickly cooled, but if one holds the sparkler close to the face, the sparks may give eye injuries and burns.

One at a time

Sparklers are only for outside use. Ignite only one at a time. If multiple sparklers in a bundle are ignited simultaneously, there can develop huge flames that can recoil back into the hand. The sparkler should be hold with a straight hand away from the body. It is advisable to use glows that cannot ignite. It is advisable to hold the sparkler calmly with good distance to other people.

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