All use of fireworks is regulated by regulations and laws. These laws also apply on New Year’s Eve. We have gathered some general regulations that are applicable for the whole year. It is your duty as user to seek out the local regulations that apply in your local area. This information can be used as a guideline. If in doubt, contact your local fire department..

Regulations governing New Years Eve – 31/12

According to §6-8 in regulation on fire protection it is prohibited to use fireworks without special approval from the local fire department. However, according to right of custom it is allowed to use fireworks from 18.00 31/12 to 02.00 1/1. For larger fireworks in proximity to dense populated areas or other areas with fire hazard the responsible person shall always obtain permission, even on New Year’s Eve. According to §5 of the police regulations the ­police shall give permission for the use of fireworks in dense populated areas. The regulations recommend that users “choose a launching site with the well being of people and animals in mind".

Regulations that apply the rest of the year

If one wishes to use fireworks outside the time span that is specified above one must send an application to the local police and fire department. In winter the fire hazard is relatively small outside, and in most cases permission is granted. However, it cannot be expected to get permission to launch fireworks in the period between 15th of April and 15th of September due to the fire hazard. The one who uses fireworks and other pyrotechnic effects is obligated to use it in a manner that it does no harm to persons or the surroundings, see the regulations §2-9, first and second section. Remember that it is the user of the fireworks that is responsible and can be hold economic responsible if something goes wrong.

Special / general regulations for Oslo (is also valid on New Year’s Eve)

In Oslo it is prohibition against:

  • Use of areal bombs and fireworks that generates loud noises, such as firecrackers, thundering roman candles etc.
  • Firing fireworks from balconies, verandas and porches etc.
  • Launching rockets, single ignition effect batteries etc. in the parts of Oslo that lays within Ring 2 (Kirkevei-ring)*

* Within the line from Frognerkilen via Sigurd Syrs gate, Halvdan Svartes gate, Kirkeveien, Griffenfelds gate, Marcus Thranes gate, Chr. Michkelsens gate, Finnmarksgate, Kjølberggata, Åkerbergveien, St. Halvards gate, Clemens gate, Oslogate to the crossroads Kongsveien/Mosseveien and a straight line to the sea by Sørenga.

Special regulations for Bergen

New Years Eve within the pay toll ring in the city centre:

The Chief of Police and Fire chief have decided that the prohibition shall still be maintained New Years Eve within the pay toll ring in the city centre, with the exception of fireworks that is fired over the sea (the latter does not apply for Lille lungegårdsvann, Vågen and Damgårdssundet). Areas that can be suited to use fireworks over sea are Promenadeveien by Store Lungegårdsvann, Jektevikskaien, Nornespynten and Bontelabo with the reservation that there are boats in the area. In these areas there will be placed garbage containers. However smaller ground fireworks (class II) can be used within the prohibition zone if there is no risk for fire or personal injury

New Years Eve in the rest of Bergen:

In the rest of Bergen county it is permitted to fire fireworks New Years Eve from 18.00 to 02.00 the 1st of January under the following conditions:

  • Fireworks – of any class – shall not be ignited if there is any danger of fire or personal injury.

Breaches of these regulations can be punishable with fines, after the Police law §30, se §14 and see police regulations §5 number 2. Bergen the 8th of December 2005.

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Special regulations for Trondheim

Fireworks are only permitted on New Year’s Eve outside the prohibition zone. For the rest of the year one must apply for special permit, and in Trondheim County it is not permitted to ignite fireworks without the permission from Trondheim Fire and Rescue service and the Police.

The Fireworks prohibition


The Municipal Executive Committee asks Trondheim Fire and Rescue service to ban all use of fireworks class II and III within the boundaries of the forest.

  • All launching of fireworks class II and III in Midtbyen, Bakklandet, Møllenberg, Buran, Lademoen, Rosenborg, Singsaker and Ila is prohibited without the permission from the Chief of the Fire and Rescue service.
  • Even with permission fireworks shall not be ignited if there is fire hazard or danger for personal injury. Intoxicated people are one example of such danger.
  • Its presumed that companies with permission to trade or sell fireworks has visible posters that give the consumers information about this prohibition.
  • This prohibition is given with the support of the Law of fire- and explosion protection from 14th of June 2002, see guidelines given in Stortingsmelding nr. 41 (2000-2001).

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Special regulations for Stavanger

There is total prohibition on use of fireworks in Gamle Stavanger, Stavanger city centre and large parts of Eiganes, Våland and Storhaug. The reason for is the fire hazard in houses made from wood.

Ignition of fireworks is prohibited in the area delimited by Bjergsted, Christen Thranes gate, Seehusens gate, Stokkaveien, Holbergs gate, Madlaveien, Tjodolvs gate, Johan Thorsens gate, Hillevågsvatnet, Paradis, Avaldsnesgata to Spilderhaugvigå and Grasholmen. Stavanger county encourages the use of fireworks in open areas and against sea or water. Suitable areas are Byhaugen, Varden, Vålandstårnet, the height behind Auglend School, the water tower on Buøy and Kverntorget.

There will be placed garbage containers in all these areas for used fireworks Fireworks are great, but it can be dangerous. Be careful!

Special regulations for Drammen

The use of fireworks is prohibited on Bragernes torg

Breach of this decision is punishable by fines.


According to the regulation on handling of explosive substances of 26.06.02 §2-9, see police regulations §5, it is prohibited to fire rockets, ignition of larger amounts of fireworks, illumination with torches or similar substances in dense populated areas or in the proximity of dry forests or other fire hazardous surroundings without the prior approval by the chief of the fire department. Breach can be punishable by fines. However there is given a general approval for the use of fireworks on New Year’s Eve from 18.00 to 1st of January 02.00, with the exception of Bragernes torg, under the following conditions:

  • Fireworks, of any class, shall not be ignited if there is any danger of fire or personal injury.
  • Rockets and larger fireworks shall only be fired against open water, snow covered ground or open terrain

The rules of sensible use of fireworks can be found on (Preventative department), Drammen, 22th December 2005

Special regulations for Kristiansand

In Kristiansand it is allowed to use fireworks on New Year’s Eve between 18.00 – 02.00. It is prohibited to use fireworks within Kvadraturen (limited by Vestre Strandgate – Tordenskjolds gate – Elvegata – Østre Strandgate), but down by the sea and river fireworks can be used if normal precaution is shown.

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Special regulations for Fredrikstad

The use of fireworks, outside the assigned areas, is as earlier not allowed in the following areas:


Launching of fireworks is allowed from Tollbodplassen.


Limited by Glomma, Vesterelva, J.N. Jacobsensgate and the railway. Launching is permitted from Tollbodplassen.


Limited by Vesterelva, Floa, the Railway and Glemmensgata/Farmanngate. Launching of fireworks is allowed from the parking place by Torsvikstranda, gravel pitch by the Stadion, gravel pitch by Floaveien and the parking place on Steffensjordet.


Limited by Edv. Eriksensgate, Glomma, Lundheimen and Enggata. Launching of fireworks is allowed from the path south in Enggata by ”dammene” and along Paul Rønnsgate by the green areas.


By Galtungveien, Sorgenfrigata, Saggata and Bruksgata. Launching of fireworks is permitted from the graveled place northeast in Bruksgata.


The prohibition applies within the banks of Gamlebyen and the industrial area on Øra, and is otherwise limited by Habornveien, Fru Ingersgate, Jens Langsgate and Skippergata. Launching of fireworks in organized forms is allowed against Glomma by Gamlebyen and Vaterland ferry crossing.

f there are strong winds in unfavorable direction it is also prohibited to launch fireworks from the ferry crossing in Gamlebyen. If such is the case boards regarding this will be placed on strategic places around Gamlebyen.

The Fire Department will patrol these areas.

Application form, prior to the launching of fireworks


General application form