Svea Fireworks was founded in Sweden in 1993, and four years later Svea Fyrverkerier AS was established in Norway. Since then we’ve been through huge changes. Where we once were the small but innovative challengers we are now the market leader for consumer fireworks in Scandinavia, with country wide sales networks in Norway and Sweden and also Poland.

Since the startup in Norway the fireworks business has been in a state of perpetual change, with regulations stiffening and whole ranges of products being forbidden – who could ever forget the good, old rockets? During all these years competitors have appeared and disappeared, but Svea Fireworks have kept true to our mission of being the best at fireworks.

This mission of being the no 1 has led us to constantly set us new targets and proceeding to reach them all in record time. We have the biggest and best fireworks warehouse in all of Norway, we have the best and most informative fireworks website of all our competitors in all regions, we have a country wide sales network with retailers in almost every single municipality and we have a product catalog loaded to the brim with test winners. Perhaps our crowning achievement so far is our Guinness World Record “The World’s Largest Fireworks Display” which we’ve held since November 29th, 2014.