Display fireworks

These are display fireworks of the greatest magnitude. This type of fireworks is often used in connection to the celebration of a large event, such as the end of millennia, royal weddings and in the marking of national days. Fireworks in this class have storage and transport classification 1.1G and can only authorized pyrotechnic personnel can use these articles.

Svea Fyrverkerier AS do not arrange such firework shows, but we are more than happy to forward information to our price awarded and cost-effective partners in Scandinavia. Below you can find information about the different types of shows and effects, and even information on how computers can be used in this aspect.

Sample of display fireworks

Sample of display fireworks! Svea Fireworks in cooperation with Saga Video for Arendal Chamber of Commerce. Photo: Frank Johannessen
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Different types of shows

Smaller display and fountain show

This type of display is normally used when one have smaller areas at ones disposal. This gives a variation in effects from ground level and up to 40 meters over the ground. The effect varies from fountains to single shots. These effects are often used in arenas to give various sport events the little extra.

Low ranging display show

This is ideal if one wants a more powerful firework, but still wants to preserve the personal touch. These effects have a larger caliber and can go higher into the air. In these types of shows the effects will reach an altitude of up to 110 meters, and combined with effects that goes lower in the air it gives a very good total experience.


For large arrangements intended to cover large land areas Display is the thing. These fireworks are usually used transaction to a New Year in larger cities around the world, but can also be seen in other event such as Royal Weddings. In shows like these the size of the effect balls can vary from 3? to 16? in diameter and explodes at altitudes from 100 to 500 meters above the ground. These shows are spectacular, with ground shaking bangs and bright colors that explode in the sky.

Launching with music

Detonation of fireworks with music gives the ultimate fireworks experience. With the help from advanced computer systems and wireless technology one can perform the launch from one or several places simultaneously and still achieve perfect synchronization. It is important to choose the right music for the launch since there is bound to be different people with equally different preferences present. Choose music the audience has a relationship with.

Custom made design

This is perfect for putting your personal brand on a party. A custom made design is as the name implies a board that lights up a name, logo, slogan etc. in pyrotechnic colors at you?re choosing. These effects are usually composed of fountains that are placed on a wall in a predetermined pattern. The effekts usually last for about 1 minute.


There is a great variation in how high the different effects can reach, from the small effects that detonates approximately 40 meters above ground, to the gigantic that detonates approximately 500 meters above ground level. The bullets detonate and unfold like stars in a variety of effects and colors.

  • Traditional effects ? Good, familiar and well liked effects of a normal character (for example peons), is often considered the fundament of a successful show.
  • Complex ? These are effects that are more complex than the more traditional effects, i.e. more powerful effects, or with a complex patterns and colors. These effects usually come as a phase two in a larger display show. Together with the traditional effects they make the foundation the rest of the show is built upon.
  • Extreme effects ? These are special effects that really draw the audience?s attention and surprise them with something new. I.e.: Rings, harts, stars etc.


When one puts together a display show it is essential to find the right balance between the different effects. A show consisting of only extreme and new effects can easily become a bit too much for the audience to follow, at the same time a show with only traditional effects easily can become boring. It?s therefore essential to put together a show consisting of traditional, complex and extreme effects.

Computer controlled launches

In a Computer controlled launch each effect is connected to a ?Master control? board that is operated by qualified pyrotechnic personnel. The ?Master control? board sends data generated electrical pulses that ignite the launch mechanism. The launch mechanism sends the pyrotechnic effects high in the sky while a time fuse burns until the effect reaches the correct altitude. The pyrotechnic effect explodes and is transformed to brilliant colors and effects on the sky. Technological progress has made it easier, safer and more precise to control firework shows by computers. The computer does not only control the launch, but they can also help with the composition of music for the show and place different tones to different pyrotechnic effects.