Definition & construction

Here you can read about how the different products are put together. The demands on safety and results are very strong. Please notice that you never shall try to take apart a fireworks article, the risk of an accident is imminent! Only personnel with special training shall handle fireworks in a manor described in the user manual.

Building blocks for a successful product

Fountain/Bengal light
Definition: A fountain is a nonmetallic casing that contains a sparkling- or flame producing pyrotechnic load. These articles can in addition to sparkles and flames also give sound effects, however not loud bangs. By the function of the article the flames and other combustion products pass through a “valve” and can for larger fountains give a height of the flames on several meters..
Bengal light definition: A Bengal fire is a casing that contains a slow burning pyrotechnic load that by combusting gives a colored flame.
Fire cups/mines
Definition: Fire cups are a casing that contains a gunpowder load (ejection load) and pyrotechnic effects that are placed or mounted on the ground. The function of these articles is that all the effects are discharged at once, and give a wide effect in the sky.
Roman candles
Roman candles are tubes that contain, in alternate sequence, gunpowder discharges and pyrotechnic effects, with a connecting fuse through the pipe. The pyrotechnic effects can be bombs, fire cups, pressed loads etc.etc. The effect is that the fireworks are launched one and one in sequel, and creates effects in the sky..
Art bombs
Definition: Bombs are balls or cylinders that contain an element of delay, ignition-/ ejection and pyrotechnic effects or a loose pyrotechnic load.

The ball/cylinder is usually equipped with a gunpowder charge (ejection charge) and fuse. The ball is intended to be driven through a tube.Its function is accent to a high altitude and thereafter disintegration of the ball/cylinder whereas the pyrotechnic effect creates a visual and/or sound effect.
Definition: Rockets are containers that are filled with a pyrotechnic load and/or effects, equipped with a rocket engine and guiding stick. Its function is accent with or without visual effect thereafter it creates one or several visual and/or sound based effects.
Single ignition effect batteries
Definition: Bombe batteries or multi effect batteries is a creation containing a number of ignition tubes that are interconnected with one point of ignition. The pyrotechnic effects can consist of bombs, fire cups, pressed loads etc. etc. The effect is that the fireworks are launched one and one in series, and creates effects in the sky.

Definition: V-shapes are fireworks whose pipes are shaped in a V form, enabling it to fire in angles that create a beautiful panoramic effect, or in other angles rather than straight up. There's V, W and other formations, but the point is that they spread the fireworks out in wider angles and give a more in-depth experience. These products are gaining popularity all the time, but you always have to think about the angles and that you are firing the products in an open field.